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Price list for non-surgical treatments

Fractionated Radiofrequency Microneedling

Single SessionFace & Neck£495
Course of 3Face & Neck£995
Equates to £332 each
Course of 6Face & Neck£1695
Equates to £282 each
Inclusion of décolletage£50 extra per session
Arms, Stomach, Legs, Bra Fat, etcPrice on enquiry
Acne£350 per 45 mins

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

One area£175£190
Two areas£235£270
Three areas£295£345
Axillary Hyperhydrosis£300/£400 (250/375) sp units
Neck (Platysmal bands)£250

Dermal Filler

Lip enhancement
0.7mlTeoxane RHA Kiss£235
1/2mlJuvederm Volift£235
1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£295
1.4mlTeoxane RHA Kiss£345
Cheek Enhancement2mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£425
3mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£585
4mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£745
Nose to Cheek1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£245
2mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£425
Marionette1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£245

Juvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£425
Temples1mlJuvederm Vycross£275
2ml (2 sessions)Juvederm Vycross£445
Tear Trough1mlTeoxane Redensity 2£300
2ml (2 sessions)Teoxane Redensity 2£450
Forehead Shaping1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£300
2mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£450
Chin Augmentation1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£275
2mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£425
Labiomental Crease1mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£275
Jaw Line Shaping2/2.4mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£425
3/3.6mlJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£575
Non-surgical Nose JobJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£375
Liquid Face Lift5mlsJuvederm Vycross/ Teoxane RHA£950


2 treatment initial course£450
1 treatment follow up£245


Please contact us for a price.

Fat Dissolving Injections

From £250. Please contact us for a price.


1 Individual£125
3 treatments£295